H.A.D. Originals Ref Back to School Berry Scarf


Original neck Tube scarf, express your individuality with the bike range.Can be transformed with little effort into headband, scarf, hat, bandana and much more.Seamless

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The HAD Original Classic range of Tube Cloths - we take inspiration from classic patterns and designs.

You think you’ve got a simple “tube” in your hands? You couldn’t be more wrong!

You can be sure that you have a top quality product with real function and even more style! Our seamless knitted HAD Originals have stood for multi-functional headwear with first class quality à la Made in Germany for over 10 years. The products are made in our production, 100% in Germany, which enables us to guarantee and sustain the highest quality standards for our customers.

HAD Originals differentiate through their durability in regards to both knitting and print quality. When other tubes begin to deteriorate after only weeks or washing, our HAD Originals keep their shape and colour over years. This is confirmed by an ever growing community from all over the world who only allow our tubes on their heads or around their necks. This is our motivation to continue to think even further and continue to improve!

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