Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap
Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap - 1 Man Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap - 1 Man

Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap - 1 Man


The 1-man Chub Outkast Shelter is a light and easy option for anglers looking to keep cool and dry in the summer months. It has a wide-open front to soak up the sun and fully waterproof fabric to keep the rain off but it loses these advantages when the sun swings slower in the sky and the rain falls more horizontally. If you are unable to fork out for another shelter to get you through the colder months, or simply have problems storing yet more gear, the canny folk at Chub have got you covered.

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  • Controls the temperature in the shelter
  • 10,000mm hydrostatic head fully waterproof
  • Letterbox style door with transparent and mozzy mesh options
  • Chubs unique Back Draft Ventilation System
  • Rod strap system
  • Supplied with T-pegs and oversized carry bag
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 2.6m x 2.25m x 1.38
  • Size: 1-man
  • Weight: 3.4kg

Chub provides this Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap to turn your summer refuge into an all-year, all-weather shelter. The overwrap not only closed off the open front section but it also traps a thin layer of air between it and the shelter that works to insulate the inside. It has the same very high waterproof rating of 10,000mm so you’ll have double the waterproofing protection, which was already much more than is needed, even in the UK. The wrap also gives you a door, which has lots of useful touches such as the ability to open it from either the top or the bottom, and a choice between fabric, transparent, or mosquito mesh panel inserts.

Chub shelters, bivvies, and brollies come with a special Back Draft Ventilation panel in the back, which helps promote good air flow in hot or damp conditions. This overwrap has its own panel too so this feature will continue to do its job. It also replicates the shelter’s rod support strap on the outside so your helping hand with fixing terminal tackle onto your rod is not lost.

It’s a snug fit onto the shelter, with dimensions of 2.6m x 2.25m x 1.38 (W x D x H) and it weighs just 3.4kg. The olive-green Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap comes with hard-wearing T-pegs and an oversized carry bag and, in combination with the separately-sold shelter, represents year-round protection from the weather for carp or coarse angling.

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