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  • Active Outlet is a registered trademark and trading name of EVO Distribution Limited, registered in England under number 04190190.
  • EVO Distribution Limited is VAT registered no. 77431306
  • All references to the ’company’, ’us’, ‘I’, ’we’ or 'our' shall mean EVO Distribution Limited.
  • All references to the ‘customer’ or ‘you’ shall mean the person or persons visiting one of our website or premises or purchasing or agreeing to purchase goods EVO Distribution Limited.
  • All references to the ‘website’ shall include reference to all domains owned by EVO Distribution Limited.


  • By using any of our websites or by making a purchase from EVO Distribution Limited, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  • All transactions with EVO Distribution Limited will be governed by these terms and conditions, whether executed online, by e-mail, fax, telephone, in person or by post.
  • All contracts shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and any dispute between us will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England and Wales.
  • Nothing in these terms and conditions will be deemed to affect your statutory rights.


  • Products are sold singly unless otherwise stated.
  • Every effort is made to ensure the colours depicted on our websites match as closely as possible those of the actual products. Differences may be apparent on some screens due to the technical properties of the screen.
  • Product specifications are checked to the best of our ability and, whilst every effort has been made to make them accurate, no responsibility will be accepted for errors and omissions. We reserve the right to alter product specifications without notice.
  • EVO Distribution Limited accepts no liability for any loss or injury caused to individuals, property, possessions or third parties by the breakage (accidental, deliberate or otherwise) or misuse or manufacturing or design fault of any product supplied by us.
  • If we sell out of a product or are unable to supply you with a product you have purchased, we will offer you alternative products or provide a full refund.  We shall not be liable for any compensation claims for any breach of contract or any consequential losses or inconvenience you may have incurred.
  • If we customise a product or custom build a product to your specific requirements – you will not be able to cancel your order or to return the goods for a refund after the work has begun. As such you forgo your right to cancel your order.


  • All prices include UK VAT at the current rate, where and when applicable.
  • All prices, invoices, transactions and receipts will be in £ Sterling. The website offers customers the opportunity to view prices in other currencies purely for illustrative purposes, based on estimated exchange rates.
  • It is the policy of EVO Distribution Limited to offer goods at the most reasonable price possible, however, if due to circumstances beyond our control we deem it necessary to alter any advertised price, special offer or promotion, we reserve the right to do so without prior notice.
  • All standard retail prices (SRPs) are those provided by the manufacturers of the products in question.


  • All credit and debit card transactions must be authorised by the card issuer.
  • If the issuer of your card refuses to authorise payment to us or if validation of your card is not immediately available, EVO Distribution Limited will not be liable for any delay and/or non-delivery of your order.
  • EVO Distribution Limited reserves the right to:
  1. Conduct our own enquiries into the validity of any credit or debit card payment and/or to use the services of an agent in so doing.
  2. Restrict delivery to the cardholder’s address.
  3. Decline any transaction or sale for any reason whatsoever without declaring the reasons for such action.
  4. Delay shipments until satisfied as to the authenticity of any payment via whatever means.
  • All items supplied to the customer remain the property of EVO Distribution Limited until final payment of all sums owing in respect of those goods has been received in full by us.
  • Gift vouchers or discount codes cannot be traded commercially and can only be used by the voucher purchaser or original intended recipient.

Force Majeure

  • EVO Distribution Limited will not be liable for non-performances of our obligations caused by or resulting from industrial disputes or any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the company such as acts of God, riots, civil commotion, flood, fire, extreme weather event and legislation.
  • If by reason of such circumstances, it shall become impossible within a reasonable time for the company to wholly or partly supply the items ordered then liability will be limited to the value of the items together with any associated delivery charges.

Website Use

  • No liability is accepted for third party websites linked to or from or accessible through our websites nor do we approve or endorse the contents of any such sites.
  • The entire contents of our websites are copyrighted with all rights reserved and remain the property of EVO Distribution Limited.
  • Copying and storage of this web site for permanent use or incorporation and reproduction whether for new media or paper use is strictly prohibited.
  • You may download or print selections of this web site if only used for your personal information and not for reproduction.
  • You agree that information or material accessed or downloaded through our web pages for personal or private use is done so entirely at your own risk and that you accept responsibility for any damage to hardware or software or data loss even if we are aware of the possibilities of such damage.
  • Information supplied on our web pages is for guidance only and does not in any part form a contract and may be subject to change without notice.
  • Reasonable effort is made to ensure we provide accurate and current information on our web pages. We are not liable for any incidental, consequential, cumulative, direct or indirect losses or damages from the use or misuse or inability to use, including omissions and misrepresentations and any errors on our web pages. 


  • All videos contained within our websites are intended for illustrative purposes only and may not express the ideas or opinions of EVO Distribution Limited.
  • Videos are used to communicate demonstrations of selected products and may not refer directly to the product you are looking to purchase.
  • All videos that are branded with the 'SMG Distribution' logo are property of EVO Distribution Limited and reproduction/distribution is strictly prohibited.

Marketing Promotions

Terms & Conditions apply to all marketing promotions as defined elsewhere


We aim to deal with all complaints as effectively as possible. In the first instance, please contact us using the form on the website, letting us know your order reference and the issues that you have encountered. In most cases, we can resolve the issue very quickly.