McMurdo Fast Find Survival Kit

  • 1 x Survival/Space Blanket 
  • 1 x Survival whistle 
  • 1 x Mirror   Classic “Must-have” for any survival kit
  • 1 x Magnesium Fire Starter 
  • Zip up carry case
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Fast Find Survival kits contain practical, essential items to enable you to stay put and get found, including:





  • 1 x Survival/Space Blanket Wind & waterproof,  stretch resistant, works by reflecting your own body heat back to you.
  • 1 x Survival whistle Emits a shrill, high-pitched sound, Waterproof and durable,  Pea-less design for all-weather use + Quick access clothing clip
  • 1 x Mirror   Classic “Must-have” for any survival kit,  ideal for signalling, lightweight acrylic, virtually unbreakable.
  • 1 x Magnesium Fire Starter Shave small quantity of magnesium and surround with tinder. Strike integral flint bar with striker to create sparks and ignite. Reliably starts hundreds of fires, striker included. 
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